Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Why Do You Like Football?

Why Do You Like Football?


I saw a snippet of yesterday's match that had the Nigeria’s Flying Eagles losing out to the Uruguay U-20 national team at the FIFA U-20 World Cup holding in Turkey. I also learnt the  loss to Uruguay was the second in less than two weeks after the Super Eagles also lost to the South American nation at the FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil.

The loss was painful but my empathetic nature makes me appreciate their efforts. I mean, these guys (footballers) push the boundaries of human performance - they are regularly involved in things that are simply physically unavailable to the rest of us. I have my concerns though; I think only non-sports types ( especially those of us who are not football freaks)  would understand. I still don't get why people would huddle close together (most probably in a bar or viewing centre) with people they don't know in front of a massive plasma TV screen  while watching people they equally don't know, passing around a ball! The action is always too fast and I don't get to hear a word the football commentators say! How about the thunderous shouts from adoring fans throughout the neighbourhood as each goal is scored? The hype alone gives me an adrenaline rush. It worries  me to tears when the Nigerian team is losing out! :)

How come everyone else likes football? Is there something different going on inside their heads when they cheer for their team? I'm also intrigued when I see ladies discuss football. I can understand guys arguing their heads off, I mean it's their thing, but ladies? I can't fathom it!

However, here's one thing I've learnt from the game - like football, life is all about teamwork. Everyone must put in their work and effort to get that trophy for their team. And like footballers, people need encouragement and support. Every win and loss of a team member should hit you just as much as it hits them. In some little ways, we are all  part of the team. . Either we win the tournament, or go home. But at least we went together. In fact, I think football is one of the rare occasions when we feel united as a nation!

Are you a football fan? Do you think I'm missing out?

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  1. My dear, I think the reason why people often react fast without a second thought,is they forgot that being at the war front is not same as viewing from the mountain top and raining blames. Now when you put yourself to test on the field,you know how it is to exercise your defense capacity. If the way we come out for sporting activities especially Football,is same as other activities of concern in our dear country_the pace at which we are in development and unity bound would have been more great.

  2. Yes, you are right! If only we can show more commitment to other aspects of our National life, our country will be better place.