Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Maybe You're Retarded!

Hey ... hold on, I'm not insulting anybody o. I just remembered an incident in a book I read some time ago. This guy was trying to explain to his bewildered younger brother how cars work and the technology behind them, from an auto engineering point of view. The brother listened politely and would always nod. Then his elder brother asked, "Do you understand?" and he shook his head no. Frustrated, the elder brother retorted, "Maybe you're retarded". How could he not have understood something that simple?  :) I'm sure there were times when you got that  "Are you dumb?" look too. Let me throw in some consolation here ( I need it too, hahaha) - okay, er-mm ... you're pretty smart, afterall none of us are Einstein, except Einstein, right?

Seriously  though, we use laptops, fly in planes, use appliances in our homes, wear designer clothes, shoes and bags, right?  So, how come we don’t bother with understanding the technology behind them? It gets even worse, people can count off their fingers the numerous problems with the environment, our politicians, our economy, our country ... the list is endless. If we would simply bother about the science or reasons behind this, the more likely we would be to press the agencies that are involved in handling them. The less you know about a particular subject matter, the more you are likely to be manipulated or influenced by people who may not have your best interests at heart. Let's at least get a simple understanding of things. We don't even need to have technical expertise. Just have an idea!

I wanted to get opinions before writing this post. A colleague told me, "what's my own, money is meant to be spent on things, wetin concern me with how or wetin them take produce am". Okay, that may be funny, but all I could think of was NOOOO, you really didn't mean that. I can stand it when people are genuinely ignorant but being way nonchalant when we are already more of a consuming than producing nation is quite depressing. In a nutshell, I believe it's high time we changed our orientation as a nation. Our country direly needs it. Let those of us who are still young and have the opportunities, go out there, get productive, capture minds and invite people to have a much better understanding of the things they consume (use) and the world they live in.

C'mon guys, let's break those walls of limitations! And if they remain unmoving, how about walking through them? Have yourselves an awesome week:)

Much love 



  1. OWOLABI KEHINDE K4 August 2013 at 16:44

    How i feel about the whole thing, is as a result of our uncommon environment, if u are bothered about those things we consume and wear, we ll think of it for years and we might not really come up with an answer that might even contribute to bring something out of us. let start this way, how many Nigerian knows the total number of states or their capitals we have, let alone the state governors , deputy or even the state speakers. some dont even bother to know who the senate president his or even the speaker of the national assembly. My sister, if we all thinkless about what we earn, what to eat and how to continue living in a good condition, i believe we ll not only think about what we wear and consume, but also bring out more interesting and ever imajine things

    best regards

    1. Kenny, we seem to be on the same page on this. I only gave what we wear and consume as illustrations. I know the problem is much more bigger than that and it'll take a change of mindsets to achieve any change at all. Thanks for dropping a comment.

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