Thursday, 4 July 2013

What Is It About Fashion Anyway?

What Is It About Fashion Anyway?


Like most ladies, I love to dress pretty and look good. Dresses, especially short ones are my specialty...lols! I also love to wear pencil skirts, they are just so flattering, especially with heels. They give you that sleek and elegant look! There's always something classy about sticking to what suits you. For me, clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself, you can't go about dressed up like a carpenter designed your dress! Haba! 

However, my fondness for nice fashion statements does not take the place of  common sense. I have chosen to live within my means and spend the money I actually have on things I actually can afford. It's not that I have a great disdain for high end fashion items. I love the fact that I can still pull off a decent look without going broke. Who knows, someday, I might be able to splurge on a Louis Vuitton bag and Christian Louboutin shoes!   

I don't claim to be an expert on fashion o but these tips have worked for me:

Don't Just Be About Big Names!
Don’t just buy a dress,shoe, accessory,or bag just because it has a certain label on it. The good news is that, these days, there are many stores and brands available that offer fashionable items at very reasonable prices. People will likely not know the difference ( isn't  that all that matters?).

Go For Durability

To keep to a fashion budget, it is important to buy items that are durable enough to last, at least until you are ready to give them away. Don’t go for that nice but really cheap-looking dress unless it is for a special occasion e.g  Asoebi :). Some of these materials can be relatively expensive but will obviously offer very little durability!

Don't Be Season-defined

When shopping, it is best to buy things that won’t go out of style or season. Consider whether you will still want to wear that velvet dress in 8 months time. Sometimes, particular colors or styles don’t last. Ensure the your purchases are of a style and color that you wouldn't mind wearing past the current season.

Choose Flexibility
Things are just things. Be prepared to lose them at some point in your life. Except they were handed down to you by your grandmother! Accumulating a lot of things does not make you look richer. Of course it can be a bit painful letting go of special items but if you've not used them in the last five years, it's always nice to let them go. And please give things away when they are still valuable and usable. Don't give it away when it's practically trash already-worn out and damaged beyond recognition. Having such a flexible wardrobe offers great money saving options.

Don't Trade Quality For Quantity
Although it can be very tempting to buy the least expensive dress available, especially when trying to keep to a tight budget, it's however better to have a few QUALITY pieces that will last you forever than to have a ton of fancy clothes that will lose their sparkle after a few washes. A good quality dress will last longer, feel more comfortable, and look better for longer. Clothes that are poorly made are more likely to fall apart and have a shorter wearing life. The idea is to buy good quality items at inexpensive prices.

I hope you'll remember to thank me for this fashion tips! ...hehehe!

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  1. I cant just stop laughing....Carpenter designing someone's cloth..I hope this is just imagination!
    Anyways some of them can attempt...perhaps looking at the beautiful roof..he might see himself as an "all-round designer" hahaha...


  2. Yeah ... running wild with my imagination! It's always to have you drop by. Have an awesome day!