Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Two Months Birthday to Nathaniel's Daughter!


I feel blessed and thankful for this blog. I've had people call, send text messages and even drop comments on my posts telling me how inspired they've been reading my posts. I feel like a celebrity already I've thought back to my many adventures and this has been my best so far.  Yes! I’m on an adventure! My main intention is growth– my own growth. Yes, sure – of course there’s a desire to inspire, contribute, connect, share, network, blah blah blah… But deep down, it’s all about my own deepening, my own expansion, my own exploration. 

There were times when I felt like a part of me couldn’t quite connect to this adventure. There was the “fear” of the unknown –  new context, new ideas, new environment and the need to be different. Will people care to visit my blog? What should my posts be like? Will they enjoy it? Will I have time for myself?  and oh...the big one - wouldn't I be making myself  vulnerable by being honest and authentic in my posts? You see, I don't like anyone misinterpreting, or getting me wrong – like “oh, she’s some stuck-up lady who thinks she's got something new to tell us…”. But seriously, I’m someone who loves a lot of predictability and quietness – yes, I do enjoy a quiet room with no care in the world... Haha!

However, a realization hit me exactly two months ago "Don’t wait; enjoy some adventure!”and boom, I started this blog! And I mean immediately. Don't get me wrong, I had nursed this desire for a while but it took that one decision.I just wanted to enjoy being myself – nothing more… In a way, I’m glad that that has happened, because I felt it with such conviction and inner clarity. Who knows? Maybe this is a version of my calling. And hey, you can be part of this calling by sending in your contributions and observations to I'd love to hear from you. Have an awesome week!

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