Monday, 15 July 2013

Life Can Still be Fun!

Life Can Still be Fun!

Hi folks. So… I’m very excited that I have an another opportunity to start afresh! How was your weekend? Mine was uneventful - not boring but really quiet - I took time to rest and prepare for the new week. Thinking of which, how come Mondays come too quickly and Fridays take too long to come? Funny right? Could that mean that we are lazy people, who would rather play (or rest) than work? :)

I was talking with my friend Z some time ago and  I said "... but God rested!" His response was thought-provoking - "It would be unfair for you to imply that He rested in between work. He rested after He was done with His work ." You are welcome to disagree like I did.  You see, it can be a choice between two good options. Should I keep working till everything is alright before I even consider resting? Or can I take rests intermittently?

I know, work in itself is unavoidable or else we would starve, be stagnant and be redundant. Of course the first justification is this is what God commanded. In the book of Genesis, it is recorded that after Adam sinned, God gave mankind the world and everything in it and commanded the use of this gift- we were condemned commanded to work :) It is therefore assumed that if we work more, we would eventually attain a sort of happiness and fulfillment. I agree, idleness and inefficiency is foolish but it would be too simple to conclude that because someone desires flexibility and rest in working schedules, they ae trading some ambition and prestige in exchange - they're just willing to trade it for the moment!

Like my friend Z, continuous work may give you some satisfaction but it may be temporal and full of anxiety. Yes, I'm for diligence, resilience, discipline and hardwork . At least then, you would have a valid reason to rest. What is more, any concession you make, make sure you get something in return to justify it. Have a beautiful week!

Much love