Saturday, 6 July 2013

Just Hanging Around!

Just Hanging Around!


I have been writing all morning, but at this rate, it will be hours before I publish my next article. My eyes sting - how I long for my bed! I make stories in my mind all the time, but why is it sometimes difficult to put words to thoughts? :) Ahhh! I can hear someone laughing in the next room; I can't deny it's familiar. It sounds very much like one from someone I know. Yes! Judith, that's how she laughs!

I remember I used to get this question a lot - “Are you related to Judith?”. Judith had been a next-door neighbour when I was serving this great nation :). She was pretty and fair skinned, just like me ... hahaha. I just had to be her sister; she was same height and same eyes ( I believe the eyes bit though) as me. But we weren't sisters. They didn´t believe that. I would get frustrated looks, “Are you serious?”. I would smile as if knowing something that they don´t, but so obvious that I should. Then I would go - "Don't worry I would ask my mum"  but this time they giggled.

Okay, to the present. I'm currently reading “Beyond The Fall Of The Night” by Arthur C. Clarke and Gregory Benford. If you've ever given a thought to the thereafter, then this is the book for you.  I stumbled into some amazing and mysterious adventure involving the few people left on earth after everyone else disappeared! Hahaha.... scary! But seriously, what are the chances of the entire human species disappearing entirely (ofcourse with the exception of the rapture o)?

Err, let' me rest a bit while you think about that. Thanks, as always, for reading and stopping by and commenting.  Have a fun-filled weekend!

Much love,

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