Friday, 2 August 2013

Get It Off The Ground!


The hard part about owning a blog is that you constantly have to come up with mind-blowing or at least interesting posts. People want you to tell them what they've never heard before or better still, in ways they've never heard it before. The ones that would least likely care about what you post are people who truly love you and sincerely want to support you. So they would regularly visit your relatively new blog to read posts they've probably read five times previously. But you know, these people are in the minority compared to your target - the whole world! That's where tenacity and creativity come in. You have to daily seek to improve on the quality of your posts - they must inspire people, make them laugh, and even solve their problems! And yes, they may agree with some of your points but it wouldn’t necessarily mean they would apply to them:)

A lot of people I know are either doing some ridiculously low-paying jobs in cities or talking about landing that big job in an oil company, but never make it because it's a lot easier to just talk about it than actually do something about it. And they don’t want to waste their time on furthering their education, short courses, career building projects because they’ve got some old family friend over there who they hope would help them. If they told their well doing educated friends about their inability to get a good job and they are advised to improve on themselves, it will be embarrassing for them because they think people will think “oh, it's been seven years since you did that ND program and that's still all you've done”. I've had to go through this too. It’s why I don’t make stupid projections anymore. But it’s also why I desperately want to improve myself, to break away from unrealistic expectations.

I've heard people share their light bulb moments, triumphs in their careers that have allowed them some measure of financial success. Some of them do these jobs not because they enjoy it but because they have standards to meet, obligations and responsibilities to fulfill  and they do not have the luxury to just sit and daydream like the rest of us:) Ofcourse, some  have been fortunate enough to choose a career path that they love and are too - jobs that rake in a lot of money and fame. I'm not going to act all smug about this - sometimes, it's tough for me too:) I'll tell you this though, based on my experience with this issue, I would say by all means, be ambitious but be grounded on what is expected of you at the same time!  You need to improve on yourself - practice further, apply for courses, talk to other people in the field you are eyeing for tips and helpful info. Arm yourself with all the knowledge you could possibly gather then, GO OUT THERE and offer what you actually have. 

Basically, we spend so much time talking about our dreams and so little time actually getting our dreams off the ground. We make friends with and struggle to hang out with the cool guys who are actually living our dreams and then brag about it to our supposedly never-do-wells friends. So what’s the difference? What does it matter if we’re talking about being an oil worker or that business tycoon. It’s just something to talk about to a lot of us. It’s not real. It’s a language we speak. You can speak Yoruba and be thousands of miles away from Nigeria. You can even forget Nigeria exists while speaking Yoruba. Being successful shouldn't just be a language you speak, it should be where you are.


  1. beautiful ,,quite challenging!!!

    1. Thanks dear. I'm glad you find it challenging!