Monday, 24 June 2013

Routinely Break Routines!

Routinely Break Routines!


For those of  us who work, have you ever had that feeling of being stuck in a rut? Maybe, your daily routine, year in, year out is: shower, breakfast (optional), work, lunch, work, dinner, TV, sleep.I remember when I was working somewhere, I had to work on Saturdays too, and then by Sunday, I was already thinking about work again. There didn't seem to be any  break in that routine. 

 While it's easier to coast through a familiar routine, straying off a well-worn path can bring more colour and spirit to your life.
What does it take to shake up your life? Try these:

1.Occasionally switch off your cell phone.Go offline. Be off-limit.

2. Change that hair styling pattern. Part your hair on the opposite side tomorrow and see how much prettier you would look.

3. Laugh at things that amuse you (don't worry about people frowning), just enjoy some bits of amazing news. 

4. Expand your world beyond what's familiar to you. Talk to other people from other cultures or profession.

5. Turn your Television off and go do something different. Anything else.

6. Have you gotten stuck in the "most comfortable undies rut'? Switch your normal undies for something more fun!

If all these doesn't work, maybe, you should try changing that job!

Think of anything you already do daily - how could you do it differently today?

Much love,


  1. yea.. so good appreciate "the good people in ones life"

    ....I'm so fortunate to have the best Dad in the world....

    thank you Ibe!

  2. avoid be stuck in the routine of the day, i will invest more today in peoples bank smile more and appreciate the goodness of God in their life,because it works like magic.

  3. Yeah, it does work like magic!