Monday, 24 June 2013



Myself, my dad & my sister
I'm often too shy to open up about my family. And it's such a shame that I started my blog after Father's Day. You see, my father is not the expressive-mushy kind of dad, in fact he texts me like a telegram: IBE, HOW ARE YOU?

He consistently prays for his daughters and he believes in our natural talents and intellect and knows that success would find its way to us. I'd like to believe that our relatives should be sensible and considerate and completely understand us.My dad epitomizes this. He always shows us unconditional love, it was something I’d taken for granted until I realized from talking with some of my friends that they had no similar view of their dads.

My sisters and I are so blessed to have him.So bear with me folks as I gush about my dad, hopefully you'll be able to find my ramblings useful as you plan to appreciate those special people in your life.

As I reflect on the influential role that my father has played in my life, I’m reminded that I need to take a moment and thank my Heavenly Father as well. Whether our own fathers were a good portrait of our Heavenly Father or not, our Heavenly Father’s love for us never changes. We should be looking to Him to find our identities and our self-worth.  Scripture tells us that He cares about us so much that he knows even the number of hairs on our head (Luke 12:7).

Got anything to gush about your dad or that special someone? I'd love to hear it!

Much love,


  1. yeah... my dad is the best man in the world always has something to be thankful for,with so much intellect(i will not forget a statement made by one of his childhood friends he said 'He is so intelligent and has great penning down skill i.e great handwriting')humble,down to earth and ease going.He is truly the best! love you dad.

  2. Yeah he's truly d best. Words cnt rili explain how grateful we r to God for giving him to us.I love u dad! And i will always do. Glory{Gee baby} a.k.a oji