Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happiness, My Journey There!

Happiness, My Journey There!

By Ibe

One of my favourite refrains off one of Nigerian Gospel Singer Buchi's songs is I only wanted to be happy. Isn't that what we all want? Just to be happy?

Happiness has always been understood as being synonymous with living the good life.TV Commercials, Movies and hearsay have fueled this belief. That assumption that once you become richer, slimmer, prettier or better, you will be happier. I am slowly but surely deviating from that belief. It’s a journey I’m determined to undertake.

Life is not all about finally 'making it' or being utterly comfortable. Until recently, my mood would go south if I didn't have enough money, if NEPA took light (Yes, that’s  how we say it here), when someone reprimanded me, when my plans didn't go as expected, when the list is endless. So I was perpetually an unhappy person. But hey, Happiness is a choice, not an elusive state of euphoria.

I'm not saying that aspiring to be better is wrong. Infact, I crave for excellence but the concept of growth, in my opinion, is the purpose of living. Realizing that Happiness is not a state I would attain once all my needs are met and all my goals achieved, has made life worth living.

What is happiness to you? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Happiness means different things to different person,for some it is momentary pleasure from personal experiences,accomplishment of a particular goal, financial gains and lot more.but for me it is virtue from the inside that u decide to live out on the outside.

    1. Yeah, that has become my mindset too. Happiness is a choice.
      Thanks dear

  2. Happiness is a decision and or a choice, It's not Laziness or a sign of weakness,
    It originates from the mind, a balanced mindset is a must for happiness to be expressed,
    Happiness is meant to be ones nature, its not to be induced .

    a balanced mindset is the KEY TO A LASTING HAPPINESS!!!

  3. Thanks. You just echoed my thoughts!