Friday, 20 September 2013

Yippie! It's Friday!

Howdy peeps! This is somewhat late but I decided to write about it anyway. Reflecting on God's immense love for me has  always made me want to scream out. Now that I'm a blogger, I love that I can scream all I want! I also understand that there's an added responsibility attached to every post I write. That's why I always feel the need to make sure that whatever comes out on this site is worthy of your time. So as simplistic as it sounds, that's how I'll be  approaching my blog posts. 
Now check out what I mean in  these photos:
Limbless Nick Vujicic and his Wife and Baby Son Kiyoshi

Nick Vujicic is a limbless evangelist and motivational speaker who got married in February, 2012 to his wife Kanae Miyahara. Recently, he announced the birth of his son, Kiyoshi Vujicic on his Facebook page, writing, “Dream come true. Holding my Baby Boy Kiyoshi. Amazing grace and gift from God. Love you all so much. Thank you for your showers of prayer.”

Indeed, God is awesome, and loves us than we know. 

I'm happy to share. Enjoy your day and please stick around for more posts :)

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  1. beautifully delicious....
    blessings to you, enjoy the rest of your week.