Monday, 2 September 2013

Progress Report, Anyone?

Happy new month friends! Yep, I know it's been a while. And no, I didn't forget I owned a blog. I had to give some attention to the job that pays my overdue bills ...hehehe. And I've gone back to school! Not exactly sha - I've been studying for a professional exam. So you see, I've had my hands full considering that the year is fast running to a close. Wasn't it just yesterday we were saying "Happy new year?" . If you're like me, you'd be a bit concerned about some plans that haven't quite turned out as expected. Talking of plans and timing, I have never really been a deep sleeper, so I haven't religiously set an alarm for years. No need to. When you've had a mum like mine who will always barge into your room at 5:45 a.m to wake you up for prayers, you have substantially less need for beep, beep, beep. But occasionally, when I have something that just can't be missed, I'll set the alarm. And check it. And check it again. And then check it again, because maybe I unset it the last time I was checking. And then again. Okay, I know it's a few months to go but we still got some time! Maybe not much but we can get at it again and maybe this time it might just work.

While we're at this whole end-of-year talk, have you seriously thought of learning a new craft? Hmmn... a while ago I was writing a scholarship essay on the practicability of some of the things we learned in school. You remember quadratic equation, right? What did you do with all that knowledge? And what exactly have I done with all the algebra I was taught? I'm kidding o...hahaha. Ofcourse I know we're to apply the knowledge gotten in our daily life dealings. I've also wondered why people can't get trained (professionally) in fields ranging from housekeeping, painting, vulcanizing, weaving to brick layering to raise their profile or seek better employment in a crowded marketplace like ours. I also think blue collar jobs should pay better! Yes, the amount of physical and mental efforts put into these jobs just wows me.

I've decided on an idea that instead of just having random blog posts, I want to talk about selected topics that would be an interest to you - like me scheduling short posts once during the week on how to maximize the rest of the year. We're here to encourage each other, right? Let's get at it then!

Love you guys

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