Monday, 30 September 2013

My Fellow Nigerians!

It's another Birthday for our great nation, Nigeria - she's going to be 53 tomorrow! And like every other year, our President is going to give the usual October 1st broadcast to his 'Fellow Nigerians'. But like most other fellow Nigerians, I'm tempted to scream 'Enough already!' The trick is old. These broadcasts have their place but they need to be put aside and let real work be done.

It can be hard to keep hearing of promises that you know (and they know) will not be fulfilled. Our leaders seem to make light of the situation of the nation but really, they are just hurting themselves too. They don't seem to realise that this is about us as a nation.

Right now, I'm at a place where I know our cries for better governance may never be heard. And no, I'm not frustrated - just introspective. I believe earnestness and seriousness often go hand in hand, and those are qualities our leaders don't seem to possess. The obvious way out is for each of us to do our little parts to better lives around us. Let's start with showing some commitment and diligence on our jobs. How about helping to fix that road, drainage or electricity problem if you could afford it? These seemingly inconsequential deeds when put together will most assuredly make a difference. May be not immediately or even in our generation but they are sacrifices worth making for our unborn children.

I would feel sad if this came off as one of those 'My Fellow Nigerians' speeches. Let's face it; it's time we put our hearts, hands and money where our mouths are or else we would be just like the leaders we complain about!

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